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145 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

Tree Risk, Health & Hazard Assessment

GreensceneNZ undertakes a wide range of tree risk, health and hazard inspections, surveys and analysis. During an inspection, we will identify if the tree is healthy and whether it can be effectively retained. If it can, we then assess how the public and/or tree owner can remain safe from any hazards it may present.

Assessing the risk, health and hazard status of trees is paramount when considering the effective management of the urban forest. Whether it’s a stand-alone specimen in a residential backyard or an avenue of heritage trees located within the CBD, a tree’s health, safety and longevity needs to be assessed on a regular basis.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the most appropriate treatments for trees are considered. We have the skill and experience to report on the health and hazard potential of all trees; from individual specimens to an ailing species throughout the city.

Contact us to discuss your tree risk, health and hazard inspections, surveys and analysis needs.