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145 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

Landscape Design

At GreensceneNZ, the term ‘quality design’ means many things; from stunning penned landscapes to fit-for-purpose site resolutions, from enjoying long-term residential relationships to successfully working within budget and time constraints. Whatever your residential or commercial site requirements, we are here and willing to help.


Your home is your castle, we understand that and feel the same way. Our landscape design team can transform your home environment by producing original, creative landscape plans and combining practical and aesthetic elements throughout your design. We work with you to develop a Master Plan that protects your property’s natural assets and enhances the surrounding environment.

Good design starts with listening to your requirements, then designing a landscape that reflects those needs, all within your budget. Our aim is to help you achieve your slice of paradise and add value to your property.

Contact Mike Jack to discuss your design requirements.


We understand the need to work collaboratively with a large consulting team when designing and building commercial landscapes. Our considerable experience means we bring a core strength of good design that fits within budget, is council compliant, and can be delivered on time.

We strive to ensure our projects are successful and that the results exceed our client’s expectations.

Contact Mike Jack to discuss your design requirements.