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Arboricultural Consultancy

Identification and management of tree issues is a core competency for GreensceneNZ’s Arboricultural Consultancy Division.  Our extensive experience means we take into account a wide range of environmental issues so as to achieve appropriate outcomes for all parties, including the trees.

Over the years we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of trees, their needs and tolerances.  When assessing a specimen, we undertake a thorough analysis of all potential issues.  This analysis is backed up by a detailed understanding of Local Government tree rules, the developing Unitary Plan and relevant legislation relating to all tree protection matters.

GreensceneNZ is well known for its commercial considerations and innovative approach.  We aim to achieve successful resolutions for property development and infrastructure projects that face arboricultural issues.  Coupled with the company’s knowledge and experience, this ensures that a client’s time and money is well spent.

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