About GreensceneNZ

GreensceneNZ Ltd have operated in New Zealand for over 20 years, building an enviable reputation as experts in arboricultural consultancy, specialising in Resource Consent report formation and processing, monitoring of physical works around trees, hazard tree assessments and tree asset management.

Founded in 1994, GreensceneNZ’s principal and Arborist Stacy Colyer has joined forces with Landscape Designer Mike Jack and Landscape Builder Blake Cameron to make a natural and logical extension of the company’s services into landscape design and construction.

With a combined 40 years landscape experience, Mike and Blake have very quickly enabled GreensceneNZ to offer high level capability in the landscape design and build world.   GreensceneNZ has also expanded its service offerings into the management and implementation of a variety of projects, those principally involving plants, water and pest control.

Today, GreensceneNZ Ltd employs a large team who can provide expertise across a wide range of arboricultural, landscape and environmental needs. The company has positioned itself so that there is no outdoor project that GreensceneNZ is not capable of being a part of.

GreensceneNZ Ltd works with Local Government, corporate and residential clients, and has the proven capability of providing an extensive range of services that enhance and protect living environments.

Mike Jack

Mike studied as a Landscape Designer at Unitec, Auckland in 1992. Since qualifying, he has spent every moment committed to working within his chosen industry. Mike focuses on listening to a client’s needs and then goes about delivering on those needs in an innovative and passionate way. Mike has always felt that what he does has the ability to not only enhance but also to protect our living environment.

“Our personal and team commitment to ensuring delivery beyond our clients’ expectations is what drives me. We as a team are continually reviewing and seeking to improve on how we go about what we do. Not content to design and build great landscapes, we pride ourselves on offering a service that clients can rely on and recommend to others. I have a vision that when I am in my 80s, I will be able to show my grandchildren the landscapes we’ve created, landscapes that enhance and protect our living environment”

Stacy Colyer

Stacy is tertiary qualified out of Massey University in Horticulture and Telford Rural Polytechnic in Arboriculture. Stacy founded GreensceneNZ in 1994 upon his return to New Zealand after many years abroad working with trees. Stacy genuinely cares about all things green and prides himself on his holistic, yet practical approach when it comes to enhancing and protecting the living environment.

“Our company’s care and contribution to the living environment whilst maintaining integrity in our business dealings is what drives me personally. As a team, we are focused on delivering quality results, which is possible when you love what you do.  We focus on all matters green and strive to ensure that the expertise, service and delivery we offer our clients will exceed their expectations”.

Blake Cameron

Blake entered the landscape world in 1987.  Whilst pushing many a barrow, building paths and constructing retaining walls, Blake found time to study the art of landscape construction at Unitec.  Many years on, Blake has pretty much built all that can be built within the landscape environment and is now in the enviable position of being able to pass the benefits of that experience on to GreensceneNZ’s clients and staff.  By ensuring that his crews deliver on a client’s needs, Blake selects team members on the basis that they will work with the same passion that sparked him into the landscape world more than 25 years ago.

“I love the landscape industry.  The diversity within the landscape world allows me to experience new challenges and opportunities almost every working day. The opportunity to enhance both the structural and living elements within public, commercial and private environments is a privilege and one that I have cherished throughout my career.”